Erotic Audio Thriller

'Passionate Protection'



(mp3 only)


'Hunter, Hunted'


5 Signed by GM Jordan (writer) copies of the Graphic Novel now available

Hunter, Hunted Cover




'Informative, beautifully written, not one for the kids. The antidote to 50 Shades…' -

'Absolutely breathtaking...' - 5 Star Review


Also Recommended

'Take 2 great genres, add a touch of Bark and simmer in the artwork of Mick Trimble. End result - A classic!' - GM Jordan


'Jasper Bark takes horror to a whole new level. A Master Horrorist!' - GM Jordan

Dark Mists

'Stunning story, gorgeous artwork'- GM Jordan


'Jimmy Pearson proves he is one of the best graphic novel writers in the UK and Row Bird's artwork sets him apart from other newcomers, making him a talent to watch..' - GM Jordan

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